Home Brewer's Corner #2

  Welcome back to the Home Brewer's Corner at Mass Hops! I'm Matt Dailey, blogmaster here at Mass Hops, owner of Oilcreek Brewing Co., and an avid home brewer. In this post, I wanted to share my initial notes on another brew I'm working on using Mass Hops artisan hop extract and also share a recipe submitted in our Summer Brews Recipe Contest by brewmaster Caleb Whitenack at Psych Doc Brewery.
  In my first post here at Mass Hops, I wrote about brewing a beer with 25ml of Citra Hop Extract. I was happy with the results, but I felt like I wanted to push the limit of what Mass Hops artisan hop extract could do, so, I decided to brew a NEIPA with 40 ml of Mass Hops Artisan Extract. I chose 20 ml Frosted Citra Hops n' Hemp and 20ml of Citra Extract. I also dry hopped at high krausen with 2oz of Simcoe pellets. I will also be dry hopping with 2 oz of Mosaic Lupomax hops 3 days prior to kegging at 60 degrees Fahrenheit to maximize flavor. Pictures and more to follow when this beer is kegged! Please share your experiences with the amounts you guys are using in your brews too!
  Next, I'm really excited to share Caleb Whitenack's recipe for Golden Calf NEIPA, which he says ended up at 7.5% and is tasty! We will be posting some of Caleb's pictures and videos on Instagram, so make sure to keep an eye out for that.
Grain Bill:
8lb 9oz - 2 Row
2lb 14oz - White Wheat
1lb 13oz - Flaked Oats
1lb 1oz - Golden Naked Oats
3.4oz - Acid Malt

Boil hop:
0.75oz Citra at 30mins

1oz Citra in 180 degrees F for 30min
1oz Loral in 180 degrees F for 30min
10mL Mass Hops Citra Extract in 180 degrees F for 30min

WLP066 (London Fog) or Omega DIPA

1st dry hop:
0.75oz Loral once fermentation starts
2oz Citra once fermentation starts 
2nd dry hop: 
0.75oz Loral towards the end of fermentation
3.5oz Citra towards the end of fermentation
3rd dry hop: 
1.5oz Loral end of fermentation 24 hours before cold crash
4oz Citra end of fermentation 24 hours before cold crash
  We will be accepting recipes for our Summer Brews Recipe Contest unitl 11:59 pm EDT 9/30/2021, so keep the entries coming! All recipes that get published will be receiving a free care package sampler to enhance more brews and will be entered into a drawing for three great prizes. Contest details will be published on Instagram.
  Submit your recipe today and please stay tuned for more great content coming out of Mass Hops Artisan Extracts! Reach out if you have any questions to info@masshops.com or Matt at Oilcreek Brewing Co on Instagram or Facebook. Thanks for checking us out! 

-Matt Dailey
Oilcreek Brewing Co

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