Home Brewer's Corner #3

Welcome to another edition of Mass Hops Home Brewer’s Corner! Today I’m talking about two major advantages of using Mass Hops' artisan hop extracts--enhanced flavors and less waste, which equals more beer in your glass. Who doesn’t want more beer, right? 
First, let’s discuss flavor enhancement. When using traditional pellet hops, you drive off some of the key flavors you’re trying to retain in your wort during the boil. This isomerization can leave you with a green vegetal taste in your beer, and can lead to what brewers call hop burn. With Mass Hops' extracts, you’re retaining those flavors as all the key oils are in the extract.
Adding Mass Hops' hop extract during the whirlpool or dry hop gives you all of those wonderful flavors you’re looking for. Typically we get ripe fruit, citrus in our Citra variety and even woody and herbal in our Zuper Saazer extract. The hemp/Citra combination extract is a great mixture of dank pineapple with a hint of lime! Try using these extracts to enhance the flavor of your beer. 
Next let’s talk about saving more beer for your glass. As I said before, brewers traditionally use pelletized hops. These hops absorb wort in your kettle and in your fermenter, leaving you with less beer in your packaged product. No one wants less beer! Here's the great news--hop extract doesn’t absorb any beer! Pelletized hops can absorb a half gallon in a 5 gallon batch, or even more, depending on the size of your home brewery.
In the end, you can’t go wrong with Mass Hops' artisan extracts. They enhance the flavors of your beer, leaving the oils that contribute to wonderful flavors and aromatics like ripe fruit, citrus, herbal and woodiness, while leaving behind that awful green burning sensation traditional pellets give fresh beers. It also leaves you with more beer in your finished product.
Thanks again for tuning into our blog! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to info@masshops.com or Me (Matt Dailey) at Oilcreek Brewing Co on Instagram. 

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